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vision insurance of Dennis  metrics com in every episode we aim to  demystify the how to start  vision insurance a dental practice problem by bringing on vision insurance  world-class dentist influencers and consultants in the dental #facebook industry to  pick their brain #wikipedia about how to get past the barriers involved from going from no  practice to being vision insurance a practice owner to owning your own successful

vision insurance

l dental practice  hello ambitious dentist have you ever  dental insurance plans been to a conference or event and have just one speaker blow you away not just  because of their knowledge of the subject but because of their stage presence as well well we recently #facebook attending a course but my friend Jamie   vision insurance Amos I had the pleasure of hearing Teresa Duncan take the stage

and share everything she knew about dental insurance and she was that one that had  just amazing content for me so as a dental CPA I’m certainly not an  ppo dental insurance plans expert when it comes to dilla insurance so I found her discussion to be both informative as well as  easy-to-understand I knew I just had to bring her on the show it’s really an interview you do

not want to miss so here are a few things were going to #wikipedia cover on today’s show what Theresa  learned from being both an office manager and a dental  individual dental assistant the biggest mistakes most miss made when it comes to insurance and the steps you can avoid them the bad habits you can’t afford to have your office majors have  how to identify an all-star

employee and a whole lot more so immediate dental insurance if you’ve been wanting to figure out how the insurance game was played to start this new year off for you then this interview is for you now here’s my interview with Theresa  Duncan hello ambitious dentist so today I have with us someone that I heard speak at a conference with a really great friend of mine mr.

Jamie Amos we were talking about a conference vision insurance I heard her come up and speak my jaw kind of went to the  floor to see all the great content that she had of something that to be honest with you I had like when I started in this industry I thought I want to know the ins and outs of everything that has to do with this topic that we’re gonna talk about today and as I got more and  more down the rabbit hole of this