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ocare dental insurance | Dental Insurance In India

what is ocare dental insurance ?

  • The ocare dental insurance is  white ten you teeth .
  • guys already know to do stick around and just continue to watch.
ocare dental insurance
ocare dental insurance
  • dental insurance so for some  of you guys some of you guys may or may not know that .
  • I am a dental assistant and I do do dental in my other life so  I’m a dental assistant by day. 
  • I am a makeup artist by night or weekend or whatever you want to call it.

How ocare dental insurance work ?

  •  I am  very picky about my teeth because I work in the dental field in the dental field.
  • for maybe about eight years now and so I am a little  picky about how I like to keep my teeth clean um
  • I used to be really self-conscious about my teeth because you know when  get picked
  • on a lot about the space in  between my teeth but as I got older I learned  close it.

What Is Advantage Of ocare dental insurance ?

  • but any time you go  to an orthodontist and they tell you girl ain’t nothing  teeth.
  • they look fine it’s just a cosmetic thing people see in the social media and  business.
  • everybody think they supposed to have these right you  know perfect straight teeth you know everybody’s.
  • gonna get veneers nowadays but you know I thought about doing the braces but then I’ve had this face for so .

What Is Disadvantage Of ocare dental insurance

  • long if I was to do the braces then that means I would probably literally have to  live in a retainer .
  • and I thought no that’s not fun Dental Insurance In India so like confident in my smile look.
  • nowadays that like it doesn’t even bother me so if it bothers you then girl oh boy .
  • but it doesn’t bother me so I never did get my space  close up so I just left it like it .

Can  ocare Dental Insurance work In India

  • Yes ocare Dental Insurance perfectly work in india like I have all teeth I’ve never had any teeth pool I’ve never had any cavities.
  • I don’t have my white cavities or feelings or anything they’re like nice and white like my teeth are like super,
  • straight like literally they’re  like super straight like I have no overcrowding no extra space the only thing.
  • I have is the wonder estimate which is the proper term for that it’s me right in the middle and it kind of runs.